Who vs Whom Quiz

Read the sentences below and choose which word (who or whom) correctly fits the blank.

  1. ____________ will she hire to move her furniture?
  2. To ____________ did you present the award?
  3. ____________ decided what colors the newborns’ ward should be painted?
  4. I can’t recall ____________ gave me that present.
  5. I can’t remember ____________ I assigned to complete this project.
  6. To _________ should this letter be sent to?
  7. The president told her _________ she should call up to the stage next.
  8. I don’t see ____________ would want to steal our beloved pet.
  9. Dr. Jacobs is the doctor ____________ the patients gravitate to the most.
  10. Off all the professors Carrie had, ____________ did she respect the most?
  11. ____________ are you talking about?
  12. John is the man ____________ should be able to solve your problem.
  13. ____________ do you recommend we hire for this position?
  14. For____________ should I cheer?
  15. We all guessed ____________ won the primary election correctly.

Who vs Whom Quiz Answer