Affect vs Effect Summary

A quick reference table to help answer the most common questions about affect & effect.


How is Affect Usually Used?Affect is usually used as a verb.

What Does Affect Usually Mean?As a verb, to affect means, “to influence” or, to act in a way you do not feel.

Can You Use Affect in a Sentence, Please?“The rain affected Laura’s new dress.”
“Amanda affected an air of haughtiness.”

What is the Rare Case of the Word Affect?In very rare instances (specifically, as a scientific term psychologists use), affect can be used a noun. In this instance, it means “an emotion”.

Can You Use the Rare Form of Affect in a Sentence, Please“Catherine displayed a happy affect.”

What Does the Word Affective Mean?Affective is a psychological term that relates to moods, emotions or emotional displays.

Can You Use the Word Affective in a Sentence, Please?“Doctor Youseff is a psychologist famous for his work in affective disorders.”

How is Effect Usually Used?Effect is usually used as a noun.

What Does Effect Usually Mean?As a noun, an effect means “a result”.

Can You Use Effect in a Sentence, Please?“The effect of the fireworks on the night sky was beautiful.”

What is the Rare Case of the Word Effect?In rare cases, the word effect can be used as a verb. When used as a verb effect means, “to bring about or to accomplished”.

Can You Use the Rare Form of Effect in a Sentence, Please?“Ray hoped to effect change as the new President of the company.”

What Does the Word Effective Mean?Effective is an adjective used to describe a success in producing a desired result. Effective can also mean, “to be striking”.

Can You Use the Word Effective in a Sentence, Please?“Mandy was effective in teaching Harry to play tennis well.”

“Roger’s war photography is bold and effective.”