Affect vs Effect Quiz

Read the sentences below and choose which word (effect or affect) correctly fits the blank.

  1. The __________ of the preacher’s words on the young boy’s life was astounding.
  2. Sheila was surprised that her book could __________ people so profoundly.
  3. Meditation had an obvious __________ on Mandy’s general behavior.
  4. Patty realized her criticism had no __________ on Roger’s poor work.
  5. The coach’s encouraging words before the big game were __________ (effective or affective).
  6. Patty’s harsh words didn’t __________ Roger as much as he had anticipated.
  7. The president couldn’t __________ a new policy without his cabinet’s consent.
  8. His old teacher’s wise words had the most __________ on Tom’s career endeavors.
  9. Anna’s photograph had a profound __________ on John.
  10. Chris was curious how the crime rate __________ed hiring rates in his neighborhood.

Affect vs Effect Quiz Answers